Yummy Mummy Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, read how some of our previous Fit Bumps & now new mums benefitted from our course.


"I think Strike Dance & Fitness FIT BUMPS classes really helped me through my 2nd & 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

I feel fitter & stronger than in my previous pregnancy, I feel that my posture & core strength have improved and that can only be good for forthcoming birth!


I also always felt rested and relaxed at the end of each class. My baby is, at present, in optimum position for birth and I think this too has been helped a lot by the exercises given throughout the course. Thank you!


Happy & fit mummy & bump, Jk - Aigburth

December 2013

"Since becoming pregnant, I really wanted to make sure that I maintained my fitness levels and continued to use my muscles in preparation for child birth and beyond. I signed up for Fit Bumps with Lizzie as it seemed to meet my needs exactly and had the added emphasis on relaxation and breathing.

I have found the course so useful; after a long day of being on my feet, the stretches Lizzie talks us through have been really helpful to ease any lower back pain.


After the class, I feel revitalised and move more freely. Lizzie is so friendly, bubbly and personal in her approach and makes sure we are all ok in every exercise that we do, as well as offering advice on how to adjust our movements for maximum benefit.

I would highly recommend Lizzie’s class to any mum-to-be, at any stage of pregnancy and I’ve already booked on to the next course because I’ve enjoyed it so much."


Freya - Aigburth Jan/Feb 2014 



"I have been attending Lizzie's Pilates and Fit Bumps sessions throughout my pregnancy and have found them really enjoyable and beneficial. I was keen to be able to maintain fitness and strength throughout my pregnancy but wanted to achieve this in a controlled and slow paced manner. This has certainly been the case: Lizzie is a highly skilled fitness practitioner who is able to differentiate exercises to suit individual needs and stages of pregnancy. The exercises are built up gradually to ensure that everyone is using correct technique and muscle groups that can be put under strain during pregnancy are targeted. The emphasis on relaxed breathing and correct posture eases the pregnancy aches and pains. I have also found that I am much more relaxed and always sleep more deeply after class. I'm looking forward to the next course."


Eve - March/April 2014 


Some days throughout my pregnancy even the thought of doing any exercise would have been enough to make me feel tired. However Lizzie's amazing class made me feel the exact opposite and I was always so glad I went. Lizzie is super friendly and makes you feel relaxed throughout. Each week in my 3rd trimester I could say if I had pains or aches and she would tailor her class to help, and I would feel like a different person after each seasion, often sleeping better too. The class suited pregnancy perfectly and the relaxations at the end were fantastic! I would recommend this class at any point in pregnancy. Am looking forward to joining the pilates class with Lizzie after baby is born 


Clare -June/ July 2014