"Yoga is the Journey of the Self,

Through the Self,

To the Self" 

- The Bhagavad Gita



The best BUMP FRIENDLY asanas from the beauitful art of Yoga.

Relaxation, Breathing techniques, Strengthening for pelvis, back & legs, Pelvic floor engagement & meditation...



Our Fit Bumps Prenatal Yoga class is a balanced mixture of the best 'bump friendly' strengthening exercises, streches and relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation, all to help you and baby bond and relax.



The calming meditative side of Yoga can offer peace of mind, focus, connection with baby & essential breathing techniques. There is also an emphasis on good posture, pelvic floor engagement & the overall light muscular strengthening & stretching aspect of specially selected asanas (poses) are vital in helping keep key areas (such as lower back & pelvis) mobile & tension free.







1. Helping to Boost Sluggish Mood or Low Energy Levels


2. Encourages  Better Sleep


3. Reduced Lower Back Pain, Tension and Discomfort


4. Preparation for Body & Mind in coping with Labour


5. Can Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety 


6  Heightened Chances of a Lower Risk Birth & Quicker Delivery


7.  Can Aid in a Quicker Recovery Post Natally


8.  Can Help Encourage Baby in to the Correct Position for Birth


9. Can Help Strengthen Key areas such as the Pelvic Floor, Pelvis & Back


10. A Chance to Socialise with other Pregnant Ladies, Helping Build Reassurance & Peace of Mind

The class is 1 hr in length & every lady is encouraged to work at her own pace, depending on previous fitness level & stage of pregnancy. You don't need to have previosu yoga experience to attend this class, it's suitable for all abilities.


The course is suitable once you've had your12 week scan)and we always welcome a mixture of ladies at varying stages of pregnancy.

Doing a supervised pregnancy yoga class with a qualified instructor in any trimester will help you feel better & give you some time to focus of yourself & your baby. Our classes are small and intimate & we only take a limited number of ladies on each course so Lizzie can give individual attention and guidance throughout. 


Lizzie our experienced Yoga & Pilates Instructor holds specific specialised Pre & Post Natal exercise qualifications from YMCAFit (The Uk's leading Fitness Training Provider) & is happy to tailor the class to help to you and baby get the most from the course.