Beginners/Intermediate Course

Monday's 7-8pm 





What is Pilates?

A gentle, slow paced practise that moves the body fluidly from one strengthening exercise to the next. Working gradually we build strength specifically targetting the bodies core muscles & help improve overall flexibility, posture & alignment while keeping a deep focus & controlled breath throughout.



  • Strengthens the whole abdominal area

  • Relieves Lower Back Pain & strengthens the lower back muscles

  • Helps ease tension from the shoulders and neck

  • Calms mind and relaxes body

  • Works to improve pelvic alignment

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles, helping prevent incontinence/strengthening muscles postnatally/ post menopausal

  • Improves posture and stance

  • Strengthens very deep, specific core muscles

  • Builds long, lean muscle and tone