Focus of the Month - Thursday's Yoga Class


Jan - Digestive Health , Reboosting the system after the festive period, eliminating that sluggish feeling

Feb - Energy Boosting Yoga, Helping lift your mood & boost your energy during the long, winter nights

March - Stress & Anxiety Relief. Ways to relax, find inner peace and calm for busy, hectic lifestyles, Yin and calming yoga.

April - Yoga for Tight Hips & Ham Strings, Physical focus to help ease the tight areas of hips and legs

May - Building Strength from the inside outwards -Exploring physical, emotional and mental strength through yoga

June - Summer Body Focus - Uplifting , strengthening practice for a postive, sun filled summer

July - Ab-tastic core and Tight Tush - Looking at developing core strength and improving strength to weight bearing muscles and joints

Aug- Vinyasa Flow & Energy focus, Exploring Chakras and a fluid breath and flow to our practise

Sept - Finding Balance - Helping to find balance within the body, energy and mind

Oct - Mood Boosting Focus - Coping with the start of winter

Nov - Flexibility and moibility focus 

Dec - Festive Fat burning and Digestive health series


Any suggestions for areas of your practise you'd like to develop then just speak to lizzie. All classes start & end with Savasana (relaxation), incorporate pranayama (breathing techniques) and elements of meditation and calming of the mind.

This schedule is subject to change - please check before attending if you're looking for a specific focus.